Petualangan Singa Pemberani

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Petualangan Singa Pemberani

Named Shadow Master Dark Lord came into the world to take the Paddle Pop Lion Crystals with terrifying force. Shadow Master invaded the Kingdom of Lion because they know the location of hiding Crystal Lion.

On the day of the raid, the King and the Queen managed to hide the crystal along with a location map Paddle Pop, their newborn child. 16 years later, Shadow Master managed to find a Paddle Pop and grabbed her crystal location map.

Paddle Pop must embark on a journey to stop the Shadow Master of getting Crystal Lion.

Producer: Lucki Lukman Hakim, Genesis Timotius, Christofer Santosa
Director: Salvador Simo, Lee Croudy
Writer(s): Judah Ruiz, Firman Halim, Aria Wahyu, Reza Maulana
Cast: Giring Nidji, Putri Titian

Release Date: September 6, 2012
Country: Indonesia
Distributor: Batavia Pictures, Pop Up 3D Production
Official Site: Not Available
Genre: Children, Animation
Rating: Not Available
Length: 96 minutes

Paddle Pop is a brand of Unilever ice cream output. For promotional company makes animated movies with characters named Paddle Pop lion. It seems this animated film is a continuation of the previous animated film and developed it into 3D.


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