Soar Into The Sun

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Soar Into The Sun

Tae Hoon (Rain) is the youngest member of the elite flight team "Black Eagles," which consists of Korea's top combat pilots. Tae Hoon is gifted pilot, but he is also a troublemaker, filled with curiosity and playfulness. One day, when the team puts on an exhibition at an air show, he ruins the exhibition. Afterwards, Tae Hoon is kicked out of the "Black Eagles" and transferred to the 21 combat flight unit, which is led by Dae-Seo. Tae-Hoon begins to rely on Dae-Seo like a real older brother. Meanwhile, Tae Hoon finds himself at odds with Cheol Hee, who is rigid, and thought of as the best pilot in the 21 combat flight unit. Tae Hoon prepares to take on Cheol Hee in a flight contest. Tae Hoon asks head of maintenance Se Young (Shin Se Kyung) for help. Then, up in the sky in Yeouido, an unidentified fighter plane appears, and Tae Hoon, Dae Seo, Yoo Jin and Seok Hyun must make a sortie.....

Director: Kim Dong Won
Writer(s): Kim Dong Won
Producer: Jang Tae Gon, Park Sung Geun, Kim Dong Won, Shim Moon Bo, Choi A-Ram
Cast: Rain, Shin Se Kyung, Yu Jun Sang, Lee Ha Na, Kim Sung Su, Lee Jong Suk, Oh Dal Su, Jeong Kyeong Ho, Jo Sung Ha, Jung Suk Won, Baek Bong Ki, Park Hyo Jun, Choi Beom Ho, Ryoo Je Seung, Jung Yoon Suk, Ha Soo Ho, Jung Han Yong, Choi Jin Ho

Release Date: August 15, 2012
Distributor: CJ Entertainment
Official Site: Not Available
Genre: Action, Military
Rating: Not Available
Runtime: 113 Minutes
Language: Korean
Country: South Korea

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