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Malaikat Juga Tahu - Angel Knows
Director: Marcella Zalianty; Author: Ve Handojo

Autistic brother is living with her mother, mother, owner of a boarding-lodging. One of the children boarding is Leia, the only one who could understand Abang. Fell in love with her brother while mother is very anxious because the expected relationship Abang knew would never happen. Mother of anxiety increased when Hans, brother sister, come. Leia and Hans relations will surely make Abang hurt.

Firasat - Premonition
Director: Rachel Maryam; Author: Indra Herlambang

Twilight joined the club hunch. Each week the members of the club gathered to share stories and various signs. Twilight merged into the club because he always had a feeling that any will be left by someone close. This was before the father and brother died in the crash. Another reason is the stronger leader Premonition club, Panca, a charismatic and had a very deep acuity about intuition and hunches. Dusk fell in love with Panca. One time he got a bad feeling that someone is going to die.

Cicak di Dinding - Lizard on the Wall
Director: Cathy Sharon; Author: Ve Handojo

In one night, Taja, a young painter who was naive, met with Saras, independent women who know better and more experienced. Saras gives a very memorable night at that time. Without planned, they meet again. This time they are trying to build a friendship, although ultimately Taja was unable to fall in love with Saras. Taja is being exhibited at the Saras met again with his exhibition. Saras introduced by Irwan, friend, friends, and sponsors who raised Taja, as his future wife. 

Curhat buat Sahabat  - Stories for My Best Friend
Director: Olga Lidya; Author: Ilya Sigma & Priesnanda Dwi Satria

Although different in nature, are sociable and cheerful Amanda is able to make friends with Reggie that patient, calm, and ready to listen to vent Amanda. Whenever Amanda needed, Reggie always present. One time, Amanda fell ill. He realized that there was no one he could turn to please even his girlfriend. Only Reggie to help him. Reggie help make Amanda realizes that he needs during this is just people who love him as is and that person is Reggie.Di other hand, Reggie secretly began to realize that this love was too old for him.

Hanya Isyarat - It's Only a Sign
Director: Happy Salma; Author: Key Mangunsong

Five people backpackers met through the forum mailing list. Although only a few days to meet, Tano, Dali, Bayu and Body looks familiar, in contrast to Al who is always aloof and distant. Secretly, Al has fallen in love with Raga, a figure that during these days can only be admired from a distance the silhouette of his back alone. In the evening, five men entered a small game, which tells the story of a race most sad that they have. When Raga tells her story, Al is getting hit. Although Al came out as the winner, but Al is getting dragged on appeal Raga, a man who may never forever because he had a big secret inside Raga.

Producer: Marcella Zalianty, Eko Kristianto
Director: Olga Lydia, Rachel Maryam, Cathy Sharon, Happy Salma, Marcella Zalianty
Writer(s): Ve Handojo, Key Mangunsong, Indra Herlambang, Ilya Sigma, Priesnanda Dwisatria, Yosof Munthaha, Dewi Lestari
Cast: Lukman Sardi, Prisia Nasution, Dewi Saraswati Irawan, Asmirandah Zantman, Widyawati, Dwi Sasono, Acha, Indra Birowo, Rangga Djoned, Tetty Liz Indriati, Tio Pakusadewo, Sophia Latjuba, Yama Carlos, Amanda Soekasah, Hamish David

Release Date: 14 February 2013
Country: Indonesia
Distributor: Keana Productions
Official Site: Not Available
Genre: Drama
Rating: Not Available
Length: 107 minutes


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