Janus: Prajurit Terakhir

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Janus: Prajurit Terakhir

Janus, a 34th century android, is trapped in the 21st century and caught in a war between nations. He tries to return to his own time to defend his nation, Genoc, with the help from Mayo and Indri, his 21st century friends. Two enemies are after them, as well as Draco's gunmen who are sent from the future.

Producer: Reza Yusuf Enoch
Director: Chandra Endroputro
Writer(s): Chandra Endroputro
Cast: Torro Margens, Jamie Aditya, Wawan Wanisar, Alyssa Soebandono, Derby Romero

Release Date: 2003
Country: Indonesia
Distributor: Spektra Film
Official Site: Not Available
Genre: Children, Animation
Rating: Not Available
Length: 96 minutes

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