Petualangan Singa Pemberani 2

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Petualangan Singa Pemberani 2

Shadow Master Paddle Pop and compete for ice cream last. They both have an ice cream. Shadow Master intends evil to get the last ice cream and Paddle Pop hindering efforts by all means. He sent a giant bat to deter them. Paddle Pop, Liona, and his friends were forced to land on an island.

Plane on the island they stripped the islanders. They had to fight for the plane named Phoenix. Having managed to leave the island, they went on a journey to find the ice cream next. They find new friends during the trip, one squirrel named Rascal.

Producer: Lucki Lukman Hakim, Genesis Timotius, Christofer Santosa
Director: Sutradara Salvador Simo, Lee Croudy
Writer(s): Judah Ruiz, Firman Halim
Cast: Giring Nidji, Putri Titian, Coboy Junior

Release Date: Maret 14, 2013
Country: Indonesia
Distributor: Batavia Pictures, Pop Up 3D Production
Official Site: Not Available
Genre: Animation
Rating: Not Available
Length: 99 minutes

Coboy Junior is a children's singing group consisting of Álvaro Maldini Siregar (Aldi), Simbolon star Bastian (Bastian), Teuku Rizky Muhammad, (Rizky), Iqbaal Dhiafakhri Ramadan (Iqbal). The film was made in 3D.


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