Manusia Setengah Salmon

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Manusia Setengah Salmon

When his mother (Dewi Irawan) decided to move from his childhood home, Dika (Raditya Dika), author, attempted to move away from the things that have been hard-released: love with Jessica (Eriska Rein) to do with his father (Bucek).

Dika help find a new home. Home they visited there were no matches. Dika finally found a home, which, according to her mother's perfect. At the same time, Dika met with Patricia (Kimberly Ryder) and pretty. Approach begins.

When it moved apparently Dika not like his new home. Memories of the old houses are still made ​​an impression. Meanwhile, Dika relationship with Patricia is also disturbed, because Jessica still looms. Dika has finally realized that the way to move house, is also a way to move from the things that have held him to adulthood.

Producer: Chand Parwez Servia, Fiaz Servia
Director: Herdanius Larobu
Writer(s): Raditya Dika
Cast: Raditya Dika, Kimberly Ryder, Eriska Rein, Bucek, Dewi Irawan, Mosidik, Insan Nur Akbar

Release Date: October 10, 2013
Distributor: PT Kharisma Starvision Plus
Official Site: Not Available
Genre: Comedy
Rating: Not Available


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