Rumah Angker Pondok Indah

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Since the murder occurred in the family home which became known as the "Rumah Angker (Haunted House) Pondok Indah", any new residents who occupy the house always terrorized by spirits / ghosts that occupy the home. Several years later, a new family occupied the house. Incidents from happening again.

Producer: Ravi Pridhnani
Director: Dede Ferdinand
Writer(s): Reka Wijaya
Cast: Bella Shofie, Nabila Putri, Ferly Putra

Release Date: September 12, 2013
Distributor: Studio Sembilan Production
Official Site: Not Available
Country: Indonesia
Genre: Horror
Rating: Not Available


Keyword : Horror, Not Available, Upi, 12, 13, Ate, House, Red, Rize, Tron, Up, Bi, Now, Cas, Ron

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