Wanita Tetap Wanita

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Wanita Tetap Wanita

Cupcakes ( Didi Riyadi , Ilma Fathnurfida )

Shana left of her future husband , Rangga , on her wedding day . Powered friend , Jasmine , he tried to get up to open outlets cupcake . Slowly Shana cupcake businesses trying to open ourselves to the presence Fauzan , Jasmine brother who secretly put his heart on Shana . When Shana was ready , Rangga suddenly appeared .

With or Without ( Reza Rahadian , Lily Nailufar Mahbob )

Past experiences make Adith closed to men . Adith struggling to rely on her abilities : writing . Its success made ​​Adith feel that women should not be side by side with men . In one way , Adith meets Rangga , taxi drivers philosopher . Without realizing it , Adith fall in love . Adith back trust in men .

First Crush ( Teuku Wisnu , Hotnida Harahap )

Although already engaged to Iko , love adolescence Nurma still attached to Andy , a former tutor in junior high . Moreover Nurma hired advocate Andy's office . Nurma togetherness and Andy in handling cases of domestic violence against women , making their relationship develops . Though Andy was married . Nurma decided engagement with Iko . Nurma finally realized , while placing himself as Andy 's wife .

Reach The Star ( Irwansyah , Vienna Aswir )

Although his father had died . Kinan fight tooth and nail to be able to strap on the title in the name Haji father and his mother , as he had promised . His dream is in sight , while Kinan passed test in an international airline . However , bad news emerged in infotainment . Iko , peshoro famous playboy trying to approach Kinan . Emerged that Kinan pilot savings . Kinan injured while deployed to all the happy mother , even got a rejection .

In Between ( Irwansyah , Yunya Larasati )

Became head of the family as well as sister for Lola and Teddy Vanya is not an option . Moreover , Lola with autism require special attention . Vanya working so Lola can be treated . High maintenance costs , making Vanya forcing him to exist in the world model . The effort was thwarted Dion who wanted to make love with Vanya . As it gets rejection , Dion indulgence may be bias about Vanya , Vanya who make careers are at stake . Vanya has its own tactics to Dion stuck . Vanya clear him of slander . Vanya is able to meet its own expectations , put Lola to advanced care .

Producer: Ravi Pridhnani
Director: Dede Ferdinand
Writer(s): Reka Wijaya
Cast: Bella Shofie, Nabila Putri, Ferly Putra

Release Date: September 12, 2013
Distributor: R1 Pictures
Official Site: Not Available
Country: Indonesia
Genre: Horror
Rating: Not Available


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