Malam Seribu Bulan

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Malam Seribu Bulan

Ujang and Pujono plunged the world into the black for the sake of improving their living conditions. Ujang and Pujono meeting began when both residents arrested for crimes they did. Ujang caught while hypnotizing people, while Pujono arrested when caught snatch.

They then realized and promised to start a new life outside of Jakarta. To raise capital, Ujang and Pujono still do not halal even though promised to return the result if it is successful later on. To her surprise, the villagers that they were flown filled with good people. They think back to committing crimes there.

Producer: AB Iwan Azis
Director: Wibi Aregawa
Writer(s): Not Available
Cast: Tora Sudiro, Kawakibi Mutaqien, Oka Soemantaredja, Dhea Imut

Release Date: September 19, 2013
Distributor: 786 Productions
Official Site: Not Available
Country: Indonesia
Genre: Drama
Rating: Not Available


Keyword : Crime, Drama, Not Available, Ant, 13, Ate, Black, Flow, Good, Here, Out, Red, Return, Snatch, Tron, Bi, Tora Sudiro, Cas, Ron

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