The Legend of Trio Macan

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The Legend of Trio Macan

One hundred years ago , in a village Peranakan Chinese , Dutch territory . Once the three Amoy voluptuous behavior was famous throughout the country . Here's the beginning of their story .

Beng Bu Chot is chairman of a college that is feared death . Imagine , just with one finger totokan he was able to break up crushed walnut shells .

Only one weakness , his height . That said , according to a temperature , Midget A Chot curse can only be removed by marrying a virgin who has a special birthmark , before the evening was the Lunar year .

A Chot find Iva ( Trio Macan ) virgin with birthmarks should he marry cebolnya to end the curse . Unfortunately, Iva actually secretly had a love with A , clerks and poor innocent father . On the night they plan to elope , A Chot come to collect the debt on Iva 's father . Finally did , to make up for his father's debts , Iva willing to sacrifice themselves and mating with A Chot .

After Uprise various Chinese herbs , A Chot vigorously in his first night with Iva , but when he went into the bridal chamber , how Terperanjatnya A Chot . Iva was blurry !

College 's student Iva was chasing the run with his girlfriend and a showdown was inevitable . A formidable was not able to face A Liong , the oldest brother directly imported from Beijing and could not Indonesian . Iva eventually prefer to freefall from the edge of the cliff rather than have to take home and marry A Chot . While A , is not dead , they are taken captive .

Between life and death , Iva helped by Lia and Chaca ( Trio Macan ) . He was taken back to where they live and work , a home entertainment â € œMadam Nyongâ € ™ s Health SPAA € ? ? . While Iva hiding there , he trained to become a Lady Escort compelling , but deadly !

Anyway Iva promised to keep her purity for A a . Together Lia and Chaca , Iva uses his Kung Fu to help the weak and protect him from the hands of ignorant men philanderer , home entertainment visitors . Trio Macan legend began.

Lunar night is getting closer . A living will is threatened Chot midget forever if he did not manage to find and marry Iva . Meanwhile , Iva hideout was uncovered when he bumped into A , which has been hypnotized by her lover A Chot up lost memories and forgotten Iva !

In order to save her father and his girlfriend , Iva assisted Lia and Chacha , had to face and finger A Chot college Seeds of Death magic .

Producer: Ardiansyah Solaiman
Director: Billy Christian
Writer(s): Donny Dhirgantoro
Cast: Dian Aditya, Iva Novanda, Lia Ladysta, Neni Angraini, Rully Fiss, Sam Brodie, Udin Penyok

Release Date: May 13, 2013
Country: Indonesia
Distributor: Radikal Pictures
Official Site: Not Available
Genre: Action, Comedy
Rating: Not Available
Length: 80 Minutes


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