Annu Kapoor

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Annu Kapoor
Date of Birth: February 20, 1945
Place of Birth: Mumbai

Annu Kapoor comes from a modest background. He is not affiliated with the Kapoor family.
Not much is known about his personal life. Annu Kapoor is a follower of numerology. With the coming of Antakshari-The Great Challenge on Star One, he has changed the spelling of his last name from Kapoor to Kapur (along with Gajendra Singh who spells his name with an extra 'R' in the first name, and an extra 'I' in the last name.)

Annu Kapoor made his debut in the film Kaala Patthar in 1979. His career has spanned nearly 34 years including a distinctive presence in Bollywood cinema, television serials, and reality game shows. He is best remembered for his spontaneity and full-of-life compering of the singing show Antakshari produced by silver screen veteran Gajendra Singh. He recently won critical acclaim for his character of a neighbor and debt collector in Raincoat (film) in 2004.
In 2007 the mega hit programme Antakshari came back to life on Star One. It was widely publicized in 2006 that it was going to end for ever and a grand grand finale was held for the same. During its initial course of running, Antakshari ran from 1994 to 2006 on Zee TV.
Annu's relation with his cohostesses is written about quite often. It is widely believed that either Annu does not get along without friction with his co-hostesses from the hit show Antakshari or that he simply overshadows them with his larger than life presence on stage. Either ways, he has outlived all of his co-stars on the show and has been the only host of a game show to be contracted for twelve years.
Annu Kapoor is now hosting Antakshari: The Great Challenge, Juhi Parmar, on Star One.
Annu Kapoor is best known for his wonderful dialogues full of emotion and truthfullness. He is called 'down to earth' by many and on March 31, 2007 he emotionally described his and his generations' nationalism while the newer had none. He slammed the new generation after the audience and contestants could not answer a simple question regarding India's biggest lady singer, known to be the one to have sung the largest number of songs in the whole world - Lata Mangeshkar. He slammed the newer generation for taking into what he called 'terrorist activities' like "pelting stones at the houses of cricketers having lost the World Cup trophy".
Annu Kapoor's intellectual capability is highly appreciated by critics and his thoughtfullness is usually expressed through his emotions in the Antakshari show that he hosts.

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