Rainie Yang

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Rainie Yang

She started acting when she was 14-years-old, appearing in movies and commercials in Hong Kong. At 15, she auditioned for a girl band to be launched by BMG Records called “4 in Love” and passed with flying colors. From then on, she was called “Rainie” to fit in with the weather-based named girls of the group; she was originally called Lily in the industry. She moved to Taiwan and pursued her acting career as she lived with her co-band members under one roof. She starred in various dramas starting with the mega blockbuster Meteor Garden where she played a supporting, yet pivotal role as the cute Xiao You (Hana Yori Dango’s “Yuki” Chinese counterpart). The rest is history as she proceeded on to be a much-loved leading lady by respectable men and starred in more bankable dramas. Unfortunately, in late 2002, 4 in Love had to disband. Windie and Sunnie proceeded with their studies and Cloudie pursued becoming a stewardess. Rainie was left in the E-circle. Continuing as a solo artist, she reached new heights and levels with a different job- as a host. She discovered her hosting skills with the hosting jobs she did left and right. She became a host without disrupting her acting career where she also received many projects. She continued singing by performing on the OSTs of her dramas. 2005 was a pivotal year for Rainie. Her leading TV series “Devil Beside You” (恶魔在身边) with Mike He brought her song Ai Mei absolute success. She holds the record as the first Chinese newcomer to achieve platinum status with her debut album My Intuition Ai Mei.

Name: 楊丞琳 (杨丞琳) / Yang Cheng Lin
English name: Rainie Yang
Also known as: Ah Lin / Lin Lin / Xiao Cheng Lin / Cheng Lin / Yeung Sing Lam / Lily
Birthdate: June 4, 1984
Birthplace: Taipei, Taiwan
Profession: Actress, singer and host
Height: 162cm
Weight: 42kg
Star sign: Gemini
Chinese zodiac: Rat
Blood type: A

TV Shows
ToGetHer (CTV, 2009)
Miss No Good (CTS, 2008)
Why Why Love (CTS, 2007)
Devil Beside You (CTV, 2005)
Liao Zhai Zhi Yi A Bao (2004)
City of Sky (CCTV, 2004)
The Legend of Speed (2004)
Love Bird (GTV, 2004)
Original Scent of Summer (CTV, 2003)
Sweet Candy
Godfather in Pink (CTV, 2003)
Lavender 2 (2003)
White Lilies
Tomorrow (CTV, 2002)
Sunshine Jelly
Meteor Rain (CTS, 2001)
Meteor Garden (CTS, 2001)

TV Show Theme Songs
Wo De Ai Diao Dian Di, Prince + Princess 2 (2008)
Xing Fu De Jie Pai (幸福的節拍) The Rhythm of Bliss, Prince + Princess 2 (2008)
Zai Ni Huai Li De Wei Xiao (在你懷裡的微笑) The Smile in Your Bosom, Prince + Princess 2 (2008)
Dai Wo Zou (帶我走) Take Me Away, Miss No Good (2008)
Tai Fan Nao (太煩惱) Too Confused, Miss No Good (2008)
Wan Mei Bi Li (完美比例) Perfect Comparison, Why Why Love (2007)
Que Yang (缺氧) Oxygen Deprived, Why Why Love (2007)
Ai Mei, Devil Beside You (2005)
Li Xiang Qing Ren, Devil Beside You (2005)
You Ni Zhen Hao, Tomorrow (2002)

Spider Lilies as Xiao Lu (2007)
Merry-Go-Round (2001)

McDonalds’ – along with Alan Luo (2007)
Le Tea

Languages: Mandarin, Taiwanese, English, Japanese and Cantonese
Skills: Singing Japanese songs, doing somersaults
Hobbies: Reading novels, journal writing

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