Usmar Ismail

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Usmar Ismail

Date of Birth: 1961
Place of Birth: Bukittinggi, West Sumatra  Indonesia
Profession: Director
Died: 1971

Usmar Ismail (1921 - 1971) was a prominent Indonesian film director. He was a Minangkabau descent. He was widely regarded as the native Indonesian pioneer of the Cinema of Indonesia although films made by the Dutch dated back to around 1926.

Fighters for Freedom which documented Indonesian independence from the Dutch and French.Ismail initially served in the army during the Dutch occupation, later following his dream of becoming a film director by establishing Indonesia's first film studios "Perfini Studios" in the early fifties. A concert hall known as the Usmar Ismail Hall was established in his name in Jakarta which gives musical, opera and theatrical performances

Darah dan Doa (1950)
Enam Djam Di Djogja (1951)
Lewat Djam Malam (1953)
Tamu Agung (1955)
Tiga Dara (1956)
Asrama dara (1958)
Fighters for Freedom (1961)
Ananda (1970)

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