Lee Joon Ki

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Lee Joon Ki
Name: Lee Joon-ki (Lee Jun-gi)
Profession: Actor, Model
Date of birth: April 17, 1982
Height: 178cm
Weight: 63kg
Star sign: Pisces
Family: parents, younger sister
Education: Seoul Arts University (Acting major)
Talent agency: Mentor Entertainment

"King and the Clown" brought the talents of a new actor to light. Lee Joon-ki!! His adept character portrayal has started a new trend of "feminine masculinity"~ As the favored dark horse bound for complete stardom in 2006, we decided to pay super-rookie Lee Joon-ki a visit.

Our STAR FOCUS cameras caught up with him at an ad layout shoot. In order to take full advantage of his "neutral gender" image, a famous Japanese make-up artist was flown into Korea.

These days, any clothes, accessories, or jewelry that Lee Joon-ki dons turns into an instant icon. He takes 2005?s male pop term, "metro-sexual," and steps it up with "cross-sexual."

TV Series
My Girl (SBS, 2005)
Star's Echo (MBC/FujiTV, 2004)
What About Me

Flying Boys (2004)
King and the Clown (2005)
Flying Boys (2004)
Hotel Venus (2004)

Su An Su
KFC Go-go (2004)

Hobbies: Playing soccer & computer games
Debut: Model for Clothing Brand "So Basic" (2001)

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