Jang Yong

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Jang Yong

Name: 장용 / Jang Yong
Profession: Actor
Date of birth: April 8, 1945

TV Series
Miracle (MBC, 2006)
I Really Really Like You (MBC, 2006)
Goodbye Solo (KBS2, 2006)
My Rosy Life (KBS2, 2005)
Be Strong Geum Soon (MBC, 2005)
Spring Day (SBS, 2005)
Tropical Nights in December (MBC, 2004)
Oh! Pil Seung And Bong Soon Young (KBS2, 2004)
Full House (KBS2, 2004)
A Problem At My Younger Brother’s House (SBS, 2003)
Attic Cat (MBC, 2003)
Yellow Handkerchief (KBS1, 2003)

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