Chun Ho Jin

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Chun Ho Jin

Name: 천호진 / Chun Ho Jin (Cheon Ho Jin)
Date of birth: September 9, 1960
Profession: Actor


TV Series
Goong S (MBC, 2007)
The Snow Queen (KBS, 2006)
Three Leaf Clover (SBS, 2005)

Shim’s Family (2007)
Vampire Cop Ricky 2 (2007)
The Ghost Theater (2006)
A Dirty Carnival / Mean Streets (2006)
Daisy (2006)
Vampire Cop Ricky (2006)
My Lovely Week (2005)
Blood Rain (2005)
Crying Fist (2005)
Doll Master (2004)
The Big Swindle (2004)
Temptation of Wolves/Romance of Their Own (2004)
Spirit of Jeet Kune Do: Once Upon a Time in High School(2004)
Double Agent (2003)
2009: Lost Memories (2002)
Models (1997)

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