Shim Eun Ha

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Shim Eun Ha
Name: Shim Eun-ha
Date of birth: September 23, 1972
Height: 165cm
Weight: 43kg
Blood Type:B
Family: Parents, 2 younger sisters
Status: Married Chi Sang-wook, a professor at the Graduate School of International Studies of Yonsei University, on October 17, 2005

TV Series
Trap of Youth (SBS, 1999)
White Nights 3.98 (SBS, 1998)
Power of Love (MBC, 1997)
It Is What I Want (1997)
Beautiful Lady (SBS, 1997)
If Love (MBC, 1997)
Love Generation (SBS, 1996)
For Heaven and Earth (1996)
Story of Sook Hee (1995)
Shallow Neck (1995)
M (MBC, 1994)
Small Thief (MBC, 1994)
The Last Match (MBC, 1994)
The 3 Families Under One Roof (MBC, 1993)

Interview (2000)
Tell Me Something (1999)
The Uprising (1999)
Art Museum by the Zoo (1998)
Christmas in August (1998)
Born to Kill (1996)
My Old Sweetheart (1995)

1998 Baek-Sang Art Award
1998 Film Award
1998 Blue Dragon
1999 SBS Best Actress
1999 Dae-Jong Film Award

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