Bae Yong Jun

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Bae Yong Jun
Name: Bae Yong-jun
Japanese nickname: Yon-sama
Date of Birth: August 29, 1972
Birthplace: Mapo, Seoul, South Korea
Height: 181cm
Weight: 78kg
Blood type: RH+ O
Profession: Actor
Religion: Roman Catholic
Education: Il-mun preschool/ Myung-il elem./ Baejae mid./ Hanyoung high./ attending to FTM (Film, TV & Multimeadia) in school of art of Sungkyunkwan University
Company: Bof Korea
Motto: Humane Life!
Hobbies: Fishing, Reading, Watching Movies
Specialty: Swimming, Water-skiing, Snow-board, Bowling and Kendo

TV Series
The Story of the First King's Four Gods (MBC, 2007)
Hotelier (TV Asahi, 2007) (Episode 1)
Winter Sonata (KBS, 2002)
Hotelier (MBC, 2001)
Did We Really Love? (MBC, 1999)
The Barefooted Youth (KBS, 1998)
First Love (KBS, 1997)
Papa (KBS, 1996)
A Sunny Place of the Young (KBS, 1995)
The Six Steps Toward a Separation (KBS, 1995)
Sea Breeze (PSB, 1995)
Salut D'Amour (Love Greeting) (KBS, 1994)

April Snow (2005)
Untold Scandal (2003)
Ppilku (1997)

2004 40th Baeksang Arts Awards: Best Male Newcomer (The Untold Scandal)
2003 Blue Dragon Awards: Best Newcomer Award & Popular Star Award
2002 KBS Acting Awards: Popular Actor Award & Best Actor Award
2002 38th Baeksang Arts Awards: Popular Actor Award
1997 33rd Baeksang Arts Awards: Popular Actor Award
1996 KBS Acting Awards: Valuable Actor Award & Popular Actor Award
1995 KBS Acting Awards: Rookie Award & Photogenic Award

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