Jang Nara

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Jang Nara
Name: Jang Na-ra
Profession: Actress, Singer
Date of birth: March 18, 1981
Birthplace: Seoul, South Korea
Height: 160cm
Weight: 45kg
Star sign: Pisces
Blood type: A
Family: Dad, Mom, Brother
Talent agency: Pure Entertainment

TV Series
Wedding (KBS, 2005)
My Bratty Princess (CCTV, 2005)
Dou Kou Nian Hua
Love Is All Around (MBC, 2004)
Hello Balbari (KBS, 2003)
My Love Patzzi (MBC, 2002)
Successful Story of a Bright Girl (SBS, 2002)
New Nonstop 2 (MBC, 2001) sitcom

Oh! Happy Day (2003)

Born on March 18th, 1981 in Seoul, Korea.
Appeared in a play, 'Les Miserables', with her dad in her primary school days.
Acted as a model for some CFs in her highschool days.
Entered college (the Department of Theater, the Faculty of the Art, Chungang University) on March 2000.
Published the first album, titled 'First Story', on May, 2001.
Started her singer career with the title song, 'Burying My Face In Tears'.
The title song was applauded as harmonized native melody line and her native vocal.
Her pop ballad style song, 'Confession' enjoyed much popularity thanks to the very emotional melody line.
Appeared in a TV Sitcom, 'New Nonstop', with famous Korean young stars such as Park Kyung Lim and Yang Dong Goon.
MCed a live music ranking TV program, 'MBC Music Camp'.
Her another song, 'April Story' as well as 'Confession' ranked at the top in various Korean music charts.
Her first album sold far above 300 thousand copies.
Won the several Best New Singer Prize in 2001 awarded by Korean broadcasting stations and music associations.
Works for Food for the Hungry International (FHI) and proceeds various benefit charities such as sending powdered milk to the hungry North Korean children.
Played the leading role in a record-breaking TV drama, 'Joyful Girl Success Story', which recorded very high audience rating.

Nickname: Jang Nan Han Ya? (It means 'Are You playing around?'), Tweety
Education: Chungang University (Department of Theater, the Faculty of the Arts)
Religion: Christian
Talent: Ocarina, Dance, Flute, Bothering Dad
Hobbies: Cross Stitch, Watching Movies
Favorite Music: HipHop, Ballad, R&B
Favorite Musician: Park Jin Young, Park Mi Kyung, 1TYM, Faith Evans
Favorite Colors: White, Pink, Sky Blue
Jinx: Before she performs or goes on a show she has to joke around back stage and her performance will go well.
Motto: Without embarassment let's live with our best
Complex: Small Mouth
Accessories: Likes only simple accessories.

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