Christopher Lee

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Christopher Lee

Name: 李名顺 / Li Ming Shun
English name: Christopher Lee
Real name: 李铭顺
Profession: Actor
Birthdate: July 23, 1971
Birthplace: Malaysia
Height: 181cm
Weight: 71kg
Star sign: Leo
Chinese zodiac: Pig
Blood type: O
Family: Wife/actress Fann Wong
Talent agency: MediaCorp

TV Series
Beach.Ball.Babes (MediaCorp, 2008)
Rhythm of Life (MediaCorp, 2008)
Shao Lin Seng Bing (CCTV-8, 2008)
Ai Qing Zhan Xian (CCTV, 2008)
The Peak (MediaCorp, 2007)
Fairy of the Chalice (MediaCorp, 2006)
Through It All (MediaCorp, 2006)
Rhapsody in Blue (MediaCorp, 2006)
The Dragon Heroes (2005)
The Lucky Stars (MediaCorp, 2005)
A New Life (MediaCorp, 2005)
You Are The One (MediaCorp, 2005)
Palm of Ru Lai (2004)
Moon Fairy 奔月 (2003)
Always on My Mind 无8814;的爱 (2003)
Brotherhood 有情有义 (2002)
Madam White Snake (TCS, 2001)
Master Swordsman Lu Xiao Feng II (TCS, 2001)
Looking for Stars 星锁 (2000)
Return of the Condor Heroes (TCS, 1998)
Brave New World 新阿朗 (1996)

The Wedding Game (2009)

2006 Star Awards: Top Ten Most Popular Male Artistes

Native origin: Chaozhou, China

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