Terence Cao

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Terence Cao

Terence Cao was a flight steward before joining the then Singapore Broadcasting Corporation (SBC) in 1989 after completing the SBC 9th Professional Drama Performers' Training Course. After two supporting roles in Sweet Dreams and Imperial Intrigue, Terence obtained his big break in Fatal Endearment where he portrayed a rich man's son caught in a love triangle. Being the male lead of numerous drama serials, Terence has proved himself to be a diligent actor who is very keen in taking up diverse roles.

In 1995, Terence became the first full-time artiste to successfully hold his debut mini concert in Canto Pub. His singing talent was further justified as he sang the theme song for Triad Justice, a serial where he played a major role. His latest singing vehicle is that of a duet with actress Cynthia Koh for MediaCorp Music's compilation album in 2002.

In the telemovie "Deep In The Night", Terence was cast opposite Hong Kong actress Loletta Lee. With the filming done in Hong Kong, this project has given Terence immense exposure and experience working with Hong Kong artistes and production crew. In 2002, he teams up with Hong Kong ATV station in a 30-part courtroom drama Innocently Guilty, holding court with regional stars like Anita Yuen, Kent Cheng and Felix Wong.

Name: 曹国辉 / Cao Guo Hui (Chao Kwok Fai)
English name: Terence Cao
Profession: Actor and singer
Birthdate: October 6, 1967
Birthplace: Singapore
Height: 178cm
Weight: 66kg
Star sign: Libra
Blood type: B
Family: Mother, two brothers and two sisters

TV Series
The Ultimatum (Mediacorp, 2009)
My School Daze (MediaCorp, 2009)
By My Side (MediaCorp, 2008)
Love Blossoms (MediaCorp, 2008)
Metamorphosis (MediaCorp, 2007)
Switched! (MediaCorp, 2007)
Making Miracles (MediaCorp, 2007)
Family Matters (MediaCorp, 2006)
Love at Zero Degrees (MediaCorp, 2006)
Women of Times (MediaCorp, 2006)
Portrait of Home (MediaCorp, 2005)
You Are The One (MediaCorp, 2005)
An Ode to Life (MediaCorp, 2004)
The Ties that Bind 家财万贯 (2004)
Always on My Mind 无8814;的爱 (2003)
Sun, Moon, Star 星星月亮太阳 (2003)
Love is Beautiful (2003)
Innocently Guilty 法内情 (2002)
The Reunion 顶天立地 (2001)
The Hotel 大酒店 (2001)
The Challenge (MediaCorp, 2001)
Through Thick and Thin 阿燦正傳 (2001)
The Voices Within 心靈物語 (2000)
Angel's Dream 真相 (2000)
Four Walls & A Ceiling 我爱黄金屋 (2000)
Stepping Out 出路 (MediaCorp, 1999)
Bright Future 同一片藍天 (1999)
God of Fortune 财神爷 (1999)
Living in Geylang 芽笼,芽笼 (1998)
Stand by Me 家人有约 (1998)
Sword and Honour 鐵血男儿 (1997)
Courage of Fire 熾火豪情 (1997)
Longing 悲情年代 (1997)
Triad Justice 飛越珍珠坊 (1996)
The Prime Years 創意先鋒 (1996)
War Roses 愛在浪漫風火時 (1995)
Deep in the Night 惊魂梦 (1995)
Coffee or Tea 是非屋 (1995)
The Legendary White Snake 白蛇后傳 (1994)
The Challenger 勇者无惧 (1994)
Web of Deceit 鶴嘯九天(1994)
Switch 妙鬼临门 (1993)
The Young and the Restless 俏皮戰士 (1993)
Ride the Waves 卿本佳人 (1992)
Between Friends 三水喜相逢 (1992)
My Buddies 浪漫战场 (1992)
A Time to Dance 火舞風云 (1992)
The Future is Mine 錦秀前程 (1991)
The Legend of a Beauty 一代天骄 (1991)
The Other Woman 醋劲100 (1991)
Fatal Endearment 諜海危情 (1991)
Sweet Dreams 欣欣向榮 (1990)
Imperial Intrigue 大內雙寶 (1990)

Deep in the Night

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