Chen Han Wei

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Chen Han Wei

A finalist in the first Star Search 1988, Singapore's bi-annual talent search, Han Wei has played the male lead in numerous television drama serials and tele-movies. His popularity soared in 1995 after his convincing role as a caring teacher in The Morning Express. That subsequently led to an almost immediate sequel, The Morning Express II. Han Wei's melodic voice was showcased as he recorded the theme songs for The Morning Express Series and Cupid Love.
Having played various roles from the goody-two shoes to a bohemian rebel, Han Wei decided to take a break from acting to venture behind the scenes to explore image styling. His heavy involvement in styling artistes for large-scale corporate events such as Star Awards, an annual award ceremony for TV personalities, and other national charity events has further honed his creative skills.
Despite a two-year absence from acting, Han Wei returned to star in both drama and comedic roles with astounding success. This was evident in Star Awards 2001 when he won the Best Actor Award, with his endearing performance as a nerd in Love Me, Love Me Not. Not contented with just acting, he hosted Travel Hunt, a variety programme that brought him round the world introducing various cultures and traditions.

Name: 陈汉玮 / Chen Han Wei
Profession: Actor
Birthdate: August 29, 1969
Birthplace: Malaysia
Height: 180cm
Weight: 60kg
Star sign: Virgo
Chinese zodiac: Rooster

TV Series
My School Daze (MediaCorp, 2009)
By My Side (MediaCorp, 2008)
Taste of Love (MediaCorp, 2008)
Metamorphosis (Mediacorp, 2007)
The Greatest Love of All (Mediacorp, 2007)
Women of Times (Mediacorp, 2006)
Rhapsody In Blue (Mediacorp, 2006)
House of Joy (Mediacorp, 2006)
Baby Blues (Mediacorp, 2005)
A Life of Hope (Mediacorp, 2005)
My Lucky Charm (Mediacorp, 2005)
Room in My Heart (Mediacorp, 2004)
Man at Forty (Mediacorp, 2004)
My Love, My Home (Mediacorp, 2003)
Viva Le Famille II (Mediacorp, 2003)
Springs of Life (Mediacorp, 2002)
Fantasy (Mediacorp, 2002)
No Problem (Mediacorp, 2002)
Vive La Famille (Mediacorp, 2002)
The Hotel (TCS, 2001)
Don't Worry, Be Happy VI (TCS, 2001)
Love Me, Love Me Not (TCS, 2001)
Don't Worry, Be Happy V (TCS, 2000)
Knotty Liaison (TCS, 2000)
Millennium Bug (TCS, 1999)
Curtain Call (TCS, 1997)
Beyond Dawn (TCS, 1996)
Of Cops & Men (TCS, 1996)
Undercover (TCS, 1996)
Creative Edge (TCS, 1996)
The Morning Express II (TCS, 1995)
Cupid Love (TCS, 1995)
King of Hades (TCS, 1995)
The Morning Express (TCS, 1995)
Heavenly Ghostcatcher (TCS, 1995)
The Magnate (TCS, 1994)
Twin Bliss (TCS, 1994)
Young Justice Bao (TCS, 1994)
Heaven's Will (SBC, 1993)
Happy Foes (SBC, 1993)
Sister Dearest (SBC, 1993)
Between Friends (SBC, 1992)
Breaking Point (SBC, 1992)
Romance of the Season (SBC, 1991)
Changing Fortunes (SBC, 1991)
Secret Operations (SBC, 1991)
Private Eyes (SBC, 1991)
Behind Bars (SBC, 1991)
The Village Hero (SBC, 1990)
By My Side (SBC, 1990)
Wishing Well (SBC, 1990)
Against the Wind (SBC, 1990)
Turn of the Tide (SBC, 1989)
Patrol (SBC, 1989)
A Mother's Love (SBC, 1989)
We Are Family (SBC, 1989)
Splash Victory (SBC, 1989)
Magic of Dance (SBC, 1989)
Fortune Hunter (SBC, 1989)
Strange Encounters II (SBC, 1988)
Song of Youth (SBC, 1988)
My Fair Ladies (SBC, 1988)

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