Zheng Ge Ping

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Zheng Ge Ping

Name: 郑各评 (鄭各評) / Zheng Ge Ping
Profession: Actor
Height: 180cm
Weight: 71kg

TV Series

Love Blossoms (MediaCorp, 2008)
Taste of Love (MediaCorp, 2008)
Like Father Like Daughter (MediaCorp, 2007)
The Homecoming (MediaCorp, 2007)
Making Miracles (MediaCorp, 2007)
Zero To Hero (MediaCorp, 2006)
The Shining Star (MediaCorp, 2006)
Measure of Man (MediaCorp, 2006)
Family Matters (MediaCorp, 2006)
Holland V (MediaCorp, 2003)
Viva Le Famille II (MediaCorp, 2003)
Legendary Swordsman (TCS, 2000)
Return of the Condor Heroes (TCS, 1998)

Languages: Mandarin, English and Hokkien
Talents: Soccer, golf and Taekwando

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