NNadia Chan

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NNadia Chan

Name: 陳松伶 / Chan Chung Ling (Chen Song Ling)
English name: NNadia Chan
Also known as: Nadia Chan / NN / 伶伶 (Ling Ling)
Real name: 陳松齡 (陈松龄)
Profession: Actress and singer
Birthdate: January 21, 1971
Height: 169cm
Star sign: Aquarius
Chinese zodiac: Dog

TV Series
Tai An Tang Zhi Yu Jin Chuan Qi 太安堂之玉井传奇 (2008)
Qin Jia 亲家 (2008)
Xue Wei Leng (血未冷) as Fan Lan Lan (2008)
Trimming Success (TVB, 2006)
Strike at Heart (TVB, 2005)
You Are The One (MediaCorp, 2004)
Life's Angel (2002)
Doomed to Oblivion (TVB, 2001)
In the Realm of Success (TVB, 2001)
Death Trap (TVB, 2000)
The Legendary Four Aces (TVB, 2000)
Coup De Scorpion (MediaCorp, 1999)
Happy Ever After (TVB, 1999)
Love in a Chaotic World (China, 1998)
A Place of One's Own (TVB, 1997)
Once Upon a Time in Shanghai (TVB, 1996)
Cold Blood Warm Heart (TVB, 1996)
To Love with Love (TVB, 1995)
Instinct (TVB, 1994)
Knot to Treasure (TVB, 1994)
The Fate of the Last Empire (TVB, 1993)
The Spirit of Love (TVB, 1993)
The Mark of Triumph (TVB, 1992)
The Zu Mountain Saga (TVB, 1992)
Brother Cry For Me (TVB, 1991)
Beside the Seaside, Beside the Sea (TVB, 1990)
Song Bird (TVB, 1989)

TV Series Theme Songs
Truth (真相), with Christopher Wong, from Strike at Heart (2005)
Ching Tin (晴天), from A Place of One's Own (1997)
Without You, Cold Blood Warm Heart insert song (1996)
Cold Blood Warm Heart, with Julian Cheung, Cold Blood Warm Heart insert song (1996)

Men in Blue (2004)
Troublesome Night 8 (2000)
Troublesome Night 7 (2000)
Troublesome Night 6 (1999, cameo)

Education: University of Hong Kong
She officially changed her English name from "Nadia" to "NNadia" in 1999. The additional "N" symbolizes "new" and serves as a self-reminder to "never give up."
Entered into entertainment business in 1985 when she was 14.

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