Joanne Peh

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Joanne Peh

ame: 白薇秀 / Bai Wei Xiu
English name: Joanne Peh
Profession: Actress and model
Birthdate: April 25, 1984
Birthplace: Singapore
Height: 173cm
Weight: 50kg
Star sign: Taurus
Chinese zodiac: Rat

Love in a Cab (Mediacorp, 2010)

TV Series
Your Hand In Mine (MediaCorp, 2009)
The Little Nyonya (Mediacorp, 2008)
Beach.Ball.Babes (MediaCorp, 2008)
The Truth (MediaCorp, 2008)
The Golden Path (MediaCorp, 2007)
Like Father Like Daughter (MediaCorp, 2007)
The Greatest Love of All (MediaCorp, 2007)
Making Miracles (MediaCorp, 2007)
Happily Ever After (MediaCorp, 2007)
Yours Always (MediaCorp, 2006)
Destiny (MediaCorp, 2005)
A Life of Hope (MediaCorp, 2005)
Crime Hunters (MediaCorp, 2004)
I Love my Home (MediaCorp, 2004)
To Mum with Love (MediaCorp, 2004)
The Ties that Bind (MediaCorp, 2004)
Beautiful Connection (MediaCorp, 2004)

Star Awards 2009 Best Actress
Star Awards 2009 Top 10 Most Popular Female Artist
Star Awards 2004 Top 10 Most Popular Female Artist
Star Awards 2004 Most Popular Newcomer
Miss Singapore 2002 Miss Personality Award & Miss Elegant Award

Education: Temasek Secondary School, Victoria Junior College, Nanyang Technological University (Communication Studies degree)
Languages: English and Mandarin
Skills: Performing and playing the piano and saxophone

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