Yummy Yummy

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Yummy Yummy

A food television show that crosses Singapore and Hong Kong. All the contestants are in a group and competing, trying to win a store. This also creates a love rectangle between Gai Zai, Mandy, Ling Mong, and Oh Sieu.

Director: Amy Wong
Writer(s): Wong Wai Keung (黃偉強), Lam Siu Ji (林少枝)

Hong Kong
Kevin Cheng as Chan Ka Lok 陳家樂 / Gai Zai 雞仔
Charmaine Sheh as Chow Man Hei 周文希 (Mandy)
Raymond Lam as Yau Hoi Lai 游學禮 / Oh Sieu 鵝少 (Daniel)
Tavia Yeung as Chow Chi Yan 周芷茵 / Ling Mong 檸檬
Natalie Tong as Chan Ka Bo 陳家寶
Benz Hui as Chan Wai 陳威
Kiki Sheung as Au Lai Yung 歐麗蓉
Lau Dan as Chau Wai Cheung 周偉昌
Lau Siu Ming as Yau Kwok Dung 游國棟
Eileen Yeow as Yau Wai Sam 游惠心
Mimi Chu as Sister Six / Luk Je 六姐
Maria Chan as Yau Wai Yi 游蕙宜 (Carrie)
Mark Kwok as Marco
Rosanne Lui as Wu Yuk Bing 胡玉冰
Carlo Ng as a game show host
Gok Fung as Lo Si Fu 魯師傅 / Mentor Lo
Cha Cha Chan
Iris Wong

Ben Yeo as Wong Fok Sun 王福生 (Terry)
Michelle Chia as Leong Hoi Shan 梁凱珊 (Yuko)
Lynn Poh as Lee Kei 李琪 / Tofu Girl 豆腐妹
Adam Chen as Cheung Kin Keung 張健強 (Rambo)
Lina Ng as a game show host
Shaun Chen as Ng Sai Ho 吳世豪 / squad leader
Ericia Lee as Ho Mei Si 何美思

Title: Yummy Yummy
Also known as: Food For Life
Genre: Food, Friendship, Romance
Episodes: 30
Broadcast network: TVB / MediaWorks
Broadcast period: August 1, 2005 to September 9, 2005
Air time: Monday to Friday 20:00-21:00
Main theme song: With Friends (與朋友共) by Kevin Cheng and Raymond Lam
Insert song: Three corners with two sides (三角兩面) by Kevin Cheng

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