World of Silence

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World of Silence

DVD Release Date: March 19, 2007

World of Silence is a Korea crime thriller movie directed by Jo Eui Seok whose five years ago made debut with Make It Big'. The story begins when three young girls from the same orphanage turn up dead. Assigned to this case is detective Kim (Park Yong Woo). Kim senses that he deals with serial killer. One man from the suspect list is Ryu Jung Ho (Kim Sang Kyung). Jung Ho is a photographer with mysterious power to read minds. Jung Ho also becomes a guardian to a young girl named Su Yeon (Han Bo Hae). The question for Kim is, whether Jun Ho is protecting Su Yeon, or she will become Jun Ho's next victim.

The Limited Edition includes the following bonus features
- Jung Ho vs. Detective Kim
- World of Silence Production Process
- Poster Shoot
- Teaser
- Theatrical Trailer

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