What a Girl Wants

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What a Girl Wants

This timeless tale for all ages tells the story of Daphne (Bynes), a spirited young American girl who yearns to meet the father she's never known a man her bohemian mother (Preston) considers to be the great love of her life. Determined to find her absentee dad and prove that love can conquer all, Daphne impulsively journeys to London, where she discovers that her father is none other than Lord Henry Dashwood (Firth), an influential aristocratic politician. Henry's patrician lifestyle and stuffy attitude clash with Daphne's freewheeling American upbringing as do his social-climbing fiancée (Chancellor) and her territorial debutante daughter (Cole). When Daphne's unique style and effervescent personality create an uproar in high society that threatens to undermine Henry's political career and his budding relationship with Daphne, she immerses herself in a whirlwind of upper crust British social and political events to please her father and fit in with her new family. As she stifles her personality in an effort to meet her new familial obligations, Daphne discovers that her dream life is not as picture perfect as she had hoped. Is her fantasy falling apart, or will her fairytale come true?

Director: Dennie Gordon
Writer(s): Jenny Bicks, Elizabeth Chandler
Cast: Amanda Bynes, Colin Firth, Kelly Preston, Jonathan Pryce, Eileen Atkins, Anna Chancellor, Christina Cole, Tom Harper, Oliver James

Release Date: April 4, 2003
Producer(s): Denise Di Novi, Bill Gerber, Hunt Lowry, E.K. Gaylord II, Alison Greenspan, Casey La Scala
Genre: Drama
Distributor: Not Available
Official site: Not Available
Rating: Not Available

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