Potong Bebek Angsa

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Potong Bebek Angsa

Sasha (Olivia Jensen), with her brother, Masen (Boy Wiliiam), and Masen best friend, Otong (Ricky Harun) are join wrong costume party. Masen, Otong and Sasha dissolved in a the party, until they lost consciousness. The next morning they woke up and stranded on the beach somewhere.

They do not remember the incident party. Suddenly they were being chased by a bunch of frightening. Car chase was going like mad and it turns out that they are pursuing an accomplice Mafia Kingpin (George Rudi) who want to catch them. By all means Sasha, Masen & Otong trying to escape from the pursuit.

Escape from the pursuit of a gang, Otong, Masen, and Sasha then dealing with one another, Afro-America Mafia (Max Don), which is more frightening and more sadistic. Not only mafia Police chased after them too, and make Masen, Sasha and Otong, become Operation Target.

On the sidelines of the chase, confusion and panic, in times when conditions are precarious and dangerous, is not there might be a romance here but for Otong is another story! For Otong when he was confronted with the danger of death threats, it was his love that should be disclosed, rather than dying of curiosity.

Is Sasha could feel the love of Otong? Is Masen accepted Otong love for his sister? Why two Mafia groups and the police chasing them?

Producer: Frederica
Director: Alyandra
Writer(s): Hilman Mutasi, Away Martianto
Cast: Olivia Jensen Lubis, Boy William, Ricky Harun, George Rudy, Max Don

Release Date: December 27, 2012
Country: Indonesia
Distributor: Falcon Pictures
Official Site: Not Available
Genre: Action, Comedy
Rating: Not Available
Length: Not Available


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