Cinta Tapi Beda

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Cinta Tapi Beda

Cahyo, handsome guy from Yogya, worked as a chef in Jakarta. He's a son ofFadholi and Munawaroh, a devout Muslim family worship. Cahyo trying to escape from grief after left cheat by her ex girlfriend, Mitha.

Diana, a girl from Padang, so Indonesian women, students majoring in dance art. She lives with her uncle and aunt in Jakarta. Diana devout Catholic family. Cahyo and Diana met in contemporary dance performances in Jakarta. They decided having a relationship despite different beliefs. They even seriously pursue the relationship to the level of marriage.

Diana misgivings when Cahyo took her to meet his parents. Cahyo's mother could understand love of her child , but not Mr. Fadholi. Ever, PakFadholi will not approve Cahyo's relationship. If Cahyo force, Mr. Fadholi will not admit his son. It was not easy for Cahyo and Diana live a love with different beliefs.

Diana's mother also objected to the choice of her daughter. Diana's Brother and sister , including uncle and aunt, have left their faith. Diana's mother forcing Diana to follow her will. That is why, Diana finally chose to return to Padang and accept an arranged marriage with a doctor Oka. She tried to cover his heart to Cahyo.

Cahyo through the worst period of his life. Cahyo concluded that Diana is no different from Mitha who fled into the arms of another man. In Padang, Diana tried to love Oka and Oka tried to help her forget Cahyo.

There is one that is hard to forget by Cahyo and Diana, that they in fact had sworn not because of conviction, but out of love ... But will they can be united in the name of love and God? Time will tell!

Producer: Raam Punjabi
Director: Hanung Bramantyo
Writer(s): Taty Apriliyana, Novia Faizal, Perdana Kartawiyudha, Hanung Bramantyo, Hestu Saputra
Cast: Agni Pratistha, Reza Nangin, Choky Sitohang

Release Date: December 27, 2012
Country: Indonesia
Distributor: MVP Pictures
Official Site: Not Available
Genre: Action, Comedy
Rating: Not Available
Length: Not Available


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