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"August" is the story of two brothers, Tom and Joshua Sterling (Josh Hartnett and Adam Scott) whose Internet start-up, Landshark, is as hot as a New York City summer only this is the summer of 2001, their company is in lock up, its stock price is plunging and, in a few weeks, the world will change forever. For now Tom continues the hedonistic life of an Internet star, the kind of guy we might have seen profiled on 60 Minutes II: he dates multiple women, drives a bitchin' ?69 Camaro convertible and hangs out at a new club called Bungalow 8. But, like an emo version of Patrick Bateman, it somehow never seems to matter that Tom is not quite able to explain what his company actually does.

Director: Austin Chick
Writer(s): Howard A. Rodman
Cast: Josh Hartnett, Adam Scott, David Bowie, Naomie Harris, Rip Torn

Release Date: July 11, 2008
Official Site: Not Available
Distributor: First Look Studios
Genre: Drama
Rating: Not Available

Keyword : Drama, Not Available, David, Josh Hartnett, Adam Scott, Ate, August, Brothers, Drive, Ex, Forever, Joshua, Look, Out, Rick, Tron, Up, W., War, Will, Bi, Now, Cas, Ron, Land

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