Music Within

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Music Within
Oliver Wendell Holmes once said, "Most people go to their graves with their music still inside them."

Guided through the journey by Richard Pimentel's (Ron Livingston) acerbic sense of humor, we see a world that through other eyes would appear devastatingly tragic. Instead, Richard uses it to fuel his plight for the underdog. After realizing his gift as a public speaker, he tries out for his idol, founder of the College Bowl, Dr. Padrow (Hector Elizondo), only to have him say that Richard's "full of sh*t," and to come back when he's got "something to say." Unable to pursue his dream of studying public speaking in college, Richard enrolls in the government's 'guaranteed education program' called 'military service' in Vietnam.

After 9 months in country, Richard loses his hearing in the Vietnam War. But when the world tells him he can't, he figures out how. Through a new circle of friends, a foul-mouthed genius with cerebral palsy, Art Honeyman (Michael Sheen), a free-loving bombshell, Christine (Melissa George), and a volatile, alcoholic veteran, Mike Stoltz (Yul Vasquez), Richard finds his "music within," and discovers what Dr. Padrow had meant all along. Richard sets out to change peoples' perceptions toward the disabled community ultimately becoming their hero as one of the primary activists behind the Americans with Disabilities Act. In discovering his music, Richard helped improve the lives of disabled people across the world, including his own.

Director: Steven Sawalich
Writer(s): Bret McKinney, Mark Andrew Olsen, Kelly Kennemer
Cast: Ron Livingston, Melissa George, Michael Sheen, Yul Vazquez, Rebecca DeMornay, Hector Elizondo

Release Date: October 26, 2007
Official Site:
Distributor: MGM
Genre: Drama
Rating: Rated R for language including sexual references, and some drug content.

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