Allah Made Me Funny

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Allah Made Me Funny

Constructed around the standup routines from the trios' live show of the same name, "Allah..." spearheads the newest generation of comedy that is quintessentially American. Whether it's inviting the audience to write the joke on airport security themselves, or sheepishly admitting that four wives would be three too many, the trio gets the audience laughing so hard, they're neither afraid nor offended.

"The comics — one African American, one Arab American an ...

Flashbacks of a Fool

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An aging movie star (Craig) who returns to his English seaside hometown for the funeral of his childhood best friend. He experiences flashbacks of his younger years and a summer that resulted in a tragedy that changed his life forever.

Director: Baillie Walsh
Writer(s): Baillie Walsh
Cast: Daniel Craig, Harry Eden, Angie Ruiz

Release Date: October 17, 2008
Official Site: Not Available
Distributor:< ...

Good Dick

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Good Dick

Winner of the New Directors Award at the 2008 Edinburgh Film Festival and official selection in dramatic competition at the 2008 Sundance Film Festival, "Good Dick" is an idiosyncratic romance about a video store clerk (Jason Ritter) and a female customer (Marianna Palka) who rents erotic DVDs from him. Not quite the sexploitation film its title might suggest, it is an unexpected romantic comedy following a young man on his pursuit of a lonely, troubled woman set in present day Los ...

I've Loved You So Long

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I've Loved You So Long

Juliette (Kristen Scott Thomas) has been estranged from her family for 15 years. Although life once violently separated them, Léa (Elsa Zylberstein),her younger sister, takes her into her home which she shares with her husband Luc, his father, and their little girls.

"I've Loved You So Long" is a film about the strength of women, their capacity to shine forth, reconstruct themselves and be reborn. A story about our secrets, about confinement, about the isolatio ...

Stranded: I Have Come From a Plane That Crashed on the Mountains

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For the first time ever, survivors of the famous 1972 Andes plane crash tell in their own words their harrowing story of survival. The actual survivors of the 1972 Andes plane crash have finally spoken, and you will be captivated by their words. Gonzalo Arijon, a neighbor and friend of many of the survivors, has put together a documentary called "Stranded: I Have Come From a Plane that Crashed on the Mountains" that retells the story and illuminates it with commentary from all the s ...