Cash Crop

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Cash Crop

Take a road trip into the heart of the Emerald Triangle, a geographical region where marijuana is grown in lush and pungent abundance, where it is the number-one cash crop, and where (in some places) it is the mainstay of the local rural economy. In what savage region can you find this wicked lawless place – California.

The Emerald Triangle begins more or less in Sonoma County and goes up (so to speak) from there. In some of these regions you can hear people say, "If it weren't for medical marijuana, people wouldn't be able to live here. There would be no local economy otherwise." And you hear this: "The lumber industry is shutting down. The real economy now is marijuana." These are some of the people you meet in "Cash Crop."

The film actually makes a good visitors-bureau-style travelogue of the Golden State—especially for people who enjoy looking at voluptuous stems full of resinous bud. Along the way we meet a lot of nice people "living life the way they think it should be lived" and wanting to keep the mom-and-pop spirit of their farming operations. We meet a Mendocino County sheriff who is just tired of spending 30 percent of his time enforcing marijuana laws. "Let's move on," he says. "The fact of the matter is, Americans like their marijuana."

Director: Adam Ross
Writer(s): Not Available
Cast: Adam Ross

Release Date: October 1, 2010 (limited)
Distributor: Sierra Films
Genre: Horror, Thriller
Official Site:
Rating: Not Available


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