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Young Anna's love for a beautiful, high-spirited horse leads her to form an unlikely friendship with a mysterious child who seems to have no home. Together, the two embark on an adventure to keep the horse from being sent away forever.

Director: Malene Vilstrup
Writer(s): Not Available
Cast: Rose Marie Hermannsen; Katrine Schnoor; Henrik Lykkegaard; Claus Bue; Charlotte Munksgaard; Jonas Oddermose; Caroline Heiber Pelch; ...

Yes Nurse! No Nurse!

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Yes Nurse! No Nurse!
Not Avialable

Release Date: September 3, 2004

Studios: Here! Films, Regent Releasing

Director: Pieter Kramer

Screenwriter: Pieter Kramer, Harry Bannink, Frank Houtappels

Official Site: Yes Nurse! No Nurse!

Genre: Musical, Comedy

Cast: Loes Luca, Paul R. Kooij, Tjitske Reidinga, Waldemar Torenstra, Paul de Leeuw, Beppe Costa, Edo Brunner, Lennart Vader, Frits ...

The Motorcycle Diaries

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The Motorcycle Diaries
In January 1952, Ernesto and Alberto set out on a road trip to discover the real Latin America. Ernesto (Gael Garca Bernal) is a 23-year old medical student specializing in leprology, and Alberto (Rodrigo de la Serna) is a 29-year old biochemist. With a highly romantic sense of adventure, the two friends leave their familiar Buenos Aires surroundings on a rickety 1939 Norton 500. Although the bike breaks down in the course of their eight-month journey, they press onward, hitching rides along the ...

Merci Docteur Rey

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Merci Docteur Rey
Paris is the backdrop for this irrepressible French comedy from Ismail Merchant, about a young man who witnesses a murder, struggles with his homosexuality and overbearing opera diva mother, and is thrust into a maelstrom of off-the-wall encounters and mistaken identities, including an eccentric actress who has come totally unhinged by the death of her psychiatrist, the infamous Dr. Rey.

Director: Andrew Litvack

Writer(s): Andrew Litvack

Cast: Dianne Wiest, Jane ...

Innocent Voices

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Innocent Voices
In 1980s, When war still happening in El Savador, the government`s armed forces plucked twelve-year-old boys from their mothers` arms to fight in a war of attrition against the rebel forces. With just one year of childhood left, Chava (Carlos Padilla) too faces the draft and the certainty that he will have to leave his home forever to fight a man`s war that he doesn`t understand.

His life bec omes a game of survival, not only from the bullets of the escalating war, but also from the d ...