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Sintel is a animation short movie that production in the Netherlands country.  Sintel or the code name is Durian, is a short computer animated film by the Blender Institute, part of the Blender Foundation. The name comes from the Dutch word sintel, which is mean “cinder” or “ember”. Sintel is a piece of glowing coal or metal. It glows brightly, burns, and then becomes ashes…. Sintel is categorized a short animation movie, cause the running time of this movie is 14 minutes and 48 second.

The plot follows the girl, her name is Sintel as she goes on a quest around the world to find a baby dragon that she calls “Scales“. Back in her hometown, she was the first person discovers Scales while looking for food. That dragon, Scales was injured the its wing, she helps nurse it back to health. After that, she develops a close bond with Scales, yet one day after its wing recovers and it begins to fly, it is taken away by a fully grown dragon.

Sintel travels across the world in her attempt to rescue Scales, fighting off attacks from beasts and humans. She eventually finds a cave holding a fully grown dragon and Scales. She attempts to rescue Scales, but the fully grown dragon discovers her. It nearly kills her, but hesitates. Sintel recovers and manages to slay it before realizing that over the course of her journey, Scales had grown into an adult dragon the one she had just killed.

Only then does she realize her mistake and how much she herself has aged. She leaves the scene behind her and the baby dragon, now left on its own, follows her.

Producer: Ton Roosendaal
Director: Colin Levy
Writer(s): Esther Wouda
Cast: Thom Hoffman, Halina Reijn

Release Date: September 27, 2010
Country: Netherland
Distributor: Blender Foundation
Official Site: Not Available
Genre: Animation, Fantasy, Short Movies
Rating: Not Available
Length: Not Available


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