Iron Man

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Iron Man

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When I heard of ?Ironman? for the first time, let's be honest, I thought of Guitar Hero and even though I had a stereotype going into the movie I was pleased to be proven wrong. The reason I did not think I would like ?Ironman? is becuase I am not a huge fan of super hero movies that have out of this world, stylized, unrealistic, over the top violence and fight scenes. However, Jon Favreau did an amazing job of making the movie believable, exciting, action packed, surprisingly funny, and very fun to watch.

The casting choice Jon made definitely did not hurt the movie that is for sure. Robert Downey Jr. the star who plays Stark and Ironman is a hilarious version of the super hero but not so funny you can't take him serious. He has great on screen chemistry with all of his cast mates including Gwyneth Paltrow who plays ?Pepper Potts?, Terrance Howard who plays ?Jim Rhodes? and Jeff Bridges who plays ?Obadiah Stane? and ?Iron Monger?. This chemistry comes through on screen and makes for a great movie. Casting these actors is what is essential to the success of the film and the reason it is exciting, funny, and thrilling. I think it is a must see and I give it an A!


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