Club Dread

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Club Dread
Review (5.5/10)
(By Brendan Cullin)

Club Dread gives us a balanced diet of blood and guts, comedy and sex, drugs and rock n' roll. From the people who brought us Super Troopers (a comedy quintet known as Broken Lizard), Club Dread is the story of a group of sex-crazed, boozing adolescents who travel to the southern resort called Pleasure Island. The resort is owned by a washed up rock star known as Coconut Pete (Bill Paxton), who, along with his twenty-something year-old staff, presides over the partying youngsters. Things take a turn for the worse when members of the staff start disappearing and turning up dead, courtesy of a machete-wielding madman (or woman). With every new death, there arises suspicion as to who is the ruthless killer. Everyone is a suspect. What ensues is primarily a slasher flick with some genuinely funny moments sprinkled throughout. And I am proud to say there are plenty of moments that feature lesbians and beautiful boobies - truly great moments in filmmaking.

Club Dread presents us with a wide array of quirky characters - director Jay Chandrasekhar stars as Putnam, the Indian tennis instructor with a British accent and dreadlocks, Lars (Kevin Heffernan) is a hefty masseur with the Midas touch, Jenny (Brittany Daniel) is a bikini-wearing, sex-hungry fitness instructor, Sam (Erik Stolhanske) is in charge of the "Fun Police", Dave (Paul Soter) is Coconut Pete's drug-induced DJ nephew, Juan (Steve Lemme) is an accident-prone Latin American diving instructor and Penelope (Jordan Ladd) is yet another horny college student (and the answer is yes, she shows us them). Each character has some sort of hidden past and each character is a prime suspect in these grisly murders.

Although I was not a big fan of Broken Lizard's first big project, Super Troopers, I must admit I was much more impressed with their follow-up work. The movie does have some rather tedious moments, but it is periodically funny (with a few laugh out loud moments - Juan, the Latin American swimming instructor is particularly funny) and is probably a decent flick for fans of the slasher genre. I can tell you that although it was not that gory (there is a severed head and some gaping wounds), I found Club Dread much more entertaining than this summer's cult favourite, Cabin Fever. It was definitely much funnier but not as grotesque.

Make no mistake, I did not fall in love with Club Dread. Perhaps my mind has been clouded by the boobies and the women in bikinis because the movie does have its problems. As I said earlier, it is slow at times and probably not as funny as it wants to be (having sex with goats is really not that funny), but overall, it should be a hit with college-aged movie fans and it might even be a moderate hit with horror fans. Just beware, because Club Dread is not for everyone. It features drinking, drugs, graphic violence, gaping wounds, nudity and several sexual references. If you can get past all that, you might find Club Dread is not as dreadful as you might think.

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