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Review (5/10)
(By Brendan Cullin)

In Flightplan, Jodie Foster returns to the big screen for the first time since 2002's Panic Room. This time around she plays Kyle Pratt, a wife and mother who has just lost her husband and maybe more. Kyle has decided to pack up her dead husband and living daughter, Julia (Marlene Lawston), and move from Germany to New York City. She boards a flight on a jumbo jet she helped design and begins her fated journey. Fated because early in the flight Kyle takes a nap and when she awakes, Julia is gone. Kyle frantically gets the crew and passengers to search for her missing daughter. Kyle causes such a frenzy that the plane's air marshall (Peter Sarsgaard) and captain (Sean Bean) are forced to get involved and subdue her. All signs point to the fact that Kyle did not even board the plane with her daughter. In fact, it appears Julia may not even be alive. Has Kyle been psychologically damaged by the death of her family? Or is this disappearance of Julia part of a sinister plot? And if so, why Kyle and why Julia? The answer to these questions and many more lie in.........the last fifteen minutes of Flightplan.

Flightplan is a movie that has done remarkably well at the box office as I write this review and to tell you the truth, I'm not sure I completely understand why. I would assume "word of mouth" would be a big contributing factor in the success of the movie and if anyone were to ask my opinion of Flightplan I would simply say, "It was okay." If they followed up the question with "Should I go see it at the theatre?", I would say "Wait for the DVD." And then if they said, "Did you just fart?", I would say, "Yes." That's how most of my conversations go.

Anyways, about the movie, I can't say I was crazy about it. Watching Jodie Foster run around a plane breaking every rule of the post-9/11 era and accussing Arabs of kidnapping her daughter wasn't too exhilerating no matter how good she did it. Peter Sarsgaard was a bit of a ding-dong of an air marshall. And the ending was just completely out in left field. Mind you, I did find it somewhat exciting but just completely laughable and totally unrealistic and in some ways, outdated.

Overall, Flightplan is not a movie I would strongly recommend. It was nice to see Jodie Foster in a movie again but despite her fine effort, the ending of this movie was too laughable to leave any kind of impression for this very forgettable theatre experience.

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