Fun With Dick And Jane

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Fun With Dick And Jane
Review (5/10)
(By Brendan Cullin)

Jim Carrey plays Dick Harper, a guy with a great life, a great wife, a great family and a great job. He really couldn't ask for more but seems to get it when the company he works for, Globodyne, offers Dick a lucrative promotion. He accepts and his wife quits her job, but it turns out that, under the leadership of Jack McCallister (Alec Baldwin), Globodyne has gone belly-up and Dick is being targeted as a scapegoat. Dick and Jane get desperate to maintain their affluent lifestyle and try to do so honestly but when that fails they turn to a life of crime - first robbing corner stores and pot shops and then turning to car dealerships, banks and other financial institutions. Seemingly back on track, Dick is offered a chance to get revenge on his old boss who months earlier squashed his dreams and left Dick hanging out to dry. Dick sets out to make right the world that Jack McCallister and Globodyne ruined for thousands.

Fun With Dick and Jane is supposed to be a movie that makes a social commentary on some of the world's corrupt CEO's and corporations, like Enron and WorldCom - with a little bit of comedy. It seems to focus on other social issues - the deportation issue, the "box" store, plastic surgery, coffee shops, fancy cars, the kid not being able to live without the TV. Unfortunately, I didn't feel any kind of reaction from the commentary or the comedy from this movie. The social commentary? So let's see - your life is ruined by a thief so you become a thief yourself. Hmmm. And the comedy? You rob a coffee shop and order two coffees. Genius. Besides a few chuckles, the laughs are almost non-existent and for a movie starring one of the funniest men alive that's a huge disappointment.

That's not to say it's a really bad movie. It is mildly entertaining, at times, with a decent ending and Tea Leoni is hot. Carrey seems to be doing the best with the material he's been given but this movie just seemed to hang his talents out to dry. Alec Baldwin is strong during his brief screen time - something he seems to be doing in a lot of his movies lately. I just wouldn't suggest wasting your time and money seeing this one at the theatre. Wait for the DVD.

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