Welcome to Mooseport

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Welcome to Mooseport
Review (4.5/10)
(By Brendan Cullin)

Welcome to Mooseport stars Gene Hackman as former U.S. President Monroe "The Eagle" Cole and Ray Romano as plumber Handy Harrison. President Cole and his entourage of ass-kissers and aides - including Grace (Marcia Gay Harden), Bullard (Fred Savage) and Bert (Rip Torn) - roll into the sleepy town of Mooseport, where the former President is offered a chance to run for mayor. Monroe figures if he becomes the Mayor of Mooseport, he can avoid handing over his summer home to his bitchy ex-wife (played by Christine Baranski). Handy Harrison has also thrown his hat into the ring for the mayoral race but when he finds out that Monroe Cole is also in the running for the esteemed position, Handy decides to withdraw. That is until Cole asks out Handy's girlfriend Sally (Maura Tierney) on a date, which she gladly accepts, more as a ploy to deliver a message to her commitment-phobic boyfriend. Handy and The Eagle go toe-to-toe for the right to be the town's mayor and the right to date the beautiful Sally.

Welcome to Mooseport features a couple of entertainment heavyweights in both Hackman and Everybody Loves Raymond's Romano, who is making his big-screen debut (if you don't count his whiny voice being used in Ice Age). I have never seen an episode of Everybody Loves Raymond and based on Romano's performance in Welcome to Mooseport, I doubt I ever will. Not that Romano did a terrible job, but like the whole movie, it was very lackluster and uninspiring. Welcome to Mooseport is supposed to be a light-hearted comedy with a bit of a romantic twist but it fails to deliver in either of those categories. Sure, it is a light-hearted movie but it generates very few laughs and the romance in the movie is rather strained. One of the major flaws in the movie is the strengths (or lack thereof) of the characters. Monroe Cole is neither a likeable or unlikable character - he is just sort of there. At the beginning of the film, he starts out as a bit of a prick but then he turns out to be an okay guy. Perhaps if he would have been a more unlikable character, the movie would have been more interesting. And Handy? He is about as plain as they come. We never really learn much about him so it is difficult to really get involved in his character. The only character in the movie that actually has a character is Handy's girlfriend Sally and even she didn't do a lot to turn my crank, besides showing us a few pairs of her underwear. But the rest of the humdrum cast, the tiresome comedy and the general predictability of the movie really brings this production down.

I wouldn't say that Welcome to Mooseport is necessarily a bad movie. But like I said earlier about Monroe Cole's character, it is just there. There's not a whole lot to dislike about the movie (except maybe the movie's predictability) but there is not a whole lot to like either. It is a very plain movie from start to finish and even though you might get a few laughs from it, it is not anything special. There is little, if any, originality and it is difficult to invest any sort of emotion into any aspect of this movie. There is also little, if any, edginess in this movie (something this movie could have used), if you do not count the 80-something year-old man who, for some unexplained reason, runs naked through the city and nobody seems to care or even notice. I didn't go into Mooseport expecting to shed tears or to be rolling in the aisles in laughter but it would have been nice to feel something. Unfortunately, the only thing that I know I felt for sure was boredom.

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