Harold and Kumar

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Harold and Kumar
Review (5/10)
(By Brendan Cullin)

Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle is the story of two twenty-something year-old dudes, Harold (played by John Cho, also known as the Chinese dude from American Pie) and Kumar (played by Kal Penn, also known as the Indian dude from Van Wilder), who decide one lonely Friday night to get stoned. While watching TV, the two stoners see a commercial for White Castle burgers (a burger joint in the United States) and suddenly the two boys get the munchies. They begin a journey that takes them what seems to be halfway across the country but in reality is across two states and maybe only a few hours from where they live. Along the way, the boys end up on the campus of Princeton, see two smoking hot chicks have a shitting contest, get their car stolen by Doogie Howser, get arrested by some racist police, get racial threats hurled at them by a gang of extreme sports fanatics, ride a cheetah through the woods, ride a hand glider off a cliff, perform life-saving surgery on a dying man, come inches away from fondling a beautful pair of boobies and find themselves entangled in a few other apparently humourous situations.

I have to admit, for the first half of Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle, I found myself laughing my ass off at a number of different scenes. The dangers of smoking marijuana scene comes to mind. So does the scene with the hot chicks shitting, even though the scene went on a bit too long and I really didn't find it necessary for them to turn their bowel movements into a contest. I really thought the movie was going to only get better but the by the second half of the movie, the jokes and gags lost steam and the movie stopped being funny. The racial jokes were old and repetitive, the situations the stoners found themselves in became ridiculous and unfunny and not many of the jokes and gags worked anymore. Even a few bizarre cameos - three unamusing ones by Neil Patrick Harris, Ryan Reynolds and Anthony Anderson and one somewhat humourous one by Jamie Kennedy - could do nothing to make me think this movie is worth recommending anyone go out of their way to see. The guy who plays Finch in American Pie also has a minor role that ends up being nothing more than a waste of film.

In the end, Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle might appeal to a very immature crowd who enjoy smoking pot, understand "the munchies", enjoy seeing boobs on the big screen and will laugh at pretty much anything that is thrown their way. Although I do fit in the immature categoy and although I did laugh hard a few times during the movie, and although I thought both John Cho and Kal Penn both did a decent job in the movie, the last unfunny half of the movie has stuck in my mind enough for me not to recommend running out to the theatre to see this one. Wait for video and even then, proceed with caution. You definitely need to be in a "mood" to enjoy Harold and Kumar.

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