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Review (4/10)
(By Liam Cullin)

Isn't it strange that the movie "Infamous" will always be infamous for being the "other" Truman Capote biopic.

Last year saw the release of "Capote" starring Philip Seymour Hoffman as the titular character, a writer who became obsessed with a shocking murder in Kansas and who turned the killings into one of the most widely acclaimed books of the 20th century. Of course, as we all know, Hoffman went on to a little acclaim himself, winning a semi-deserved Oscar for his performance. Now, only a year later, we get "Infamous"...

As the movie begins, we are introduced to Truman Capote and his group of (mostly female) friends -- most of whom are also socialites with a little too much time on their hands. (Not the Paris Hilton type but more the 1950s wealthy older gossip type.) So one day, Truman is reading the newspaper and he comes across an article about a family found murdered in Kansas. He decides then and there that the killings will be the subject of his next book. Along with his friend Harper Lee (Sandra Bullock), he heads to Kansas to do a little research. Unfortunately, he's blocked at every turn -- mostly by lead detective Alvin Dewey (Jeff Daniels) who isn't willing to shed any light on the case. As the holidays roll around, Truman scores an invite to the Dewey house for Christmas dinner. There, he wows everybody with his many stories about famous people and the things he's done with them. Fascinated by these stories, everybody accepts Truman and begins to share their stories about the murdered family. However, when the murderers are eventually captured, things take a turn for Capote and his story. What began as a story about the murders turns into an obsession with the murderers -- specifically Perry Smith (Daniel Craig).

I hate to say that this is exactly the same story as "Capote", but it is. Although the two stories are told in different ways, they are pretty much the same -- with the exception being that this movie begins a little more light-hearted and fun before delving into Truman's fall into obsession. A lot of the beginning of the movie is played for laughs -- especially at Truman's sake -- and I felt this didn't help when the movie took a more dramatic turn. Afterwards, I was left wondering if it was it because of this that I couldn't really get into it -- or if it was because I already knew how it would all end.

In the end, I would consider "Infamous" a failure if only because it did very little to distinguish itself from its predecessor. We are introduced to Capote. We follow his fish-out-of-water tale when he arrives in Kansas. We are introduced to Perry Smith. We follow the relationship between the writer and the killer. We watch as the killers are eventually executed. Been there, done that. And that's why it'll always be the "other" Truman Capote biopic.

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