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Review (5.5/10)
(By Brendan Cullin)

Director David Gordon Green's new movie, Undertow, is the story of a back-roads Georgian family that has all the characteristics that we would expect of such a family. They live on a dirty pig farm, they have a dirty-looking father whose job is stuffing dead animals, one son is constantly in trouble with the law and the other eats paint, dirt and other strange items and is constantly sick as a result. There is no mother. The father, John (Dermot Mulroney), is over-protective of his two sonds Chris (Jamie Bell) the trouble-maker and Tim (Devon Bell) the paint-eater. They live a sheltered life with few friends and few visitors until one day when John's brother Deel (Josh Lucas), fresh out of jail, arrives on their doorstep. Of course Deel has an alterior motive for his unexpected visit. He is looking for some precious ancient gold coins that belonged to their father. He believes the coins are hidden somewhere in John's house. That is when all hell breaks loose.

Undertow is a highly acclaimed movie that premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival. My brother happened to run into Roger Ebert at the Festival and asked him what his favourite movie was, so far, and he mentioned "the David Gordon Green film". Despite not knowing what the hell Ebert was talking about, he nodded in agreement and soon after discovered the name of the movie was Undertow. I have to admit, recently I have found myself agreeing more and more with Mr. Ebert when it comes to movie reviews, so it was with great anticipation that I walked into Undertow. Unfortunately, much like the movie "Saw", a movie Ebert slammed, my thumb was pointed in the opposite direction than his. And if anyone disagrees with me, they'll get a big middle finger pointing up.

In my opinion, Undertow started out with a bang. Any movie that has a kid running through the woods of Georgia with a board nailed to his foot is bound to catch one's attention. So is the line "Can I carve my name in your face?", for that matter. But in the end, although Undertow has its moments, especially once Deel becomes rather annoyed, I found the movie dragged in too many parts. And because of that, I found myself somewhat bored for long periods of time during the movie. And because of that, I'm not too sure I "got" this movie. It's a movie that has its moments. It has some decent performances. It has a different perspective on life. But unfortunately, I found myself more uninterested than not as the movie went on. And for that reasone, I will say if you have any interest in seeing Undertow sometime in the near future, proceed with caution.

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