Mr. and Mrs. Smith

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Mr. and Mrs. Smith
Review (5.5/10)
(By Brendan Cullin)

Mr. and Mrs. Smith is the highly anticipated thriller starring Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, widely considered amongst the hottest actors and actresses in the world. The film has basically received so much attention because Brad and Angelina are rumoured to have not only played Mr. and Mrs. Smith but made attempts to play Mr. and Mrs. Pitt in a relationship that eventually led to the end of Brad's marriage to the real Mrs. Pitt, Jennifer Aniston. Who the hell knows what really happened. I would say who cares but judging from the cover of almost every entertainment magazine I have seen over the last three months, there are people who care. Nevertheless, I can assure you Ms. Aniston will be none too pleased if and when she sees this movie. The movie features more than one steamy sex scene involving Brad and Angelina. I'm sorry to say that Angelina keeps her goods pretty well hidden on the big screen but we do get to see her running around in her undies (and for the ladies and homosexuals, Brad does as well). But perhaps Jennifer will get the last laugh because Mr. and Mrs. Smith really is not that great of a movie. I'm sure it will have a huge opening at the box office but I can't see this movie having any staying power.

Mr. and Mrs. Smith is the story of John and Jane Smith, two suburbanites leading a seemingly ideal life except for one small problem. Both are hiding their secret identity as assasins and they will soon cross paths when they are faced with the task of killing the other. Mr. and Mrs. Smith also stars Vince Vaughn, who is apparently thrown in there for a bit of comic relief during his brief time on the screen.

I have to say that although Vaughn is pretty humourous, it is Brad Pitt who really steals the show in this movie. He is funny and in the few scenes where he is able to kick ass, he does it with great style. Still, I was quite disappointed by Mr. and Mrs. Smith. I was expecting much more from this movie but instead found myself enjoying the first 45 minutes or so and being almost bored by the last 45 minutes. The movie starts with a bit of humour, some decent action scenes, a bit of intrigue and some interest as to where the story is going but it ends up being a loud, car-crashing, gun-shooting type of movie, almost something you would expect to see in a Jerry Bruckheimer production. It ends up being predictable and uninspiring. The story is pretty weak and near the end, the movie just starts to drag. I happened to attend this screening with a fellow who has gone through his own relationship woes (almost as complicated as Mr. and Mrs. Smith) and he talked to me about the symbolism in the movie and about how in many marriages you don't know the other person too well and what you find out afterwards can be detrimental to the relationship and all this sort of horseshit. I wasn't seeing Mr. and Mrs. Smith to find out any hidden message about relationships. If I wanted that, I would rent porn. I wanted to be entertained and I wanted to see Angelina Jolie naked. And although I was sort of half-entertained, the nakedness never happened and even if it did, I'm not too sure that would have saved me from not really liking this movie. In many ways, Mr. and Mrs. Smith reminds me a bit of The Mexican - another movie starring two Hollywood heavyweights - Brad Pitt and Julia Roberts. So much hype, yet somewhat disappointing.

I suppose that's all I have to say for now about Mr. and Mrs. Smith. I'm not going to sit here and tell you it is a terrible movie. It has its moments of humour, action and intensity. And the acting really isn't all that bad, from Pitt, Jolie and Vince Vaughn. There is a cool scene with a dude called "The Tank" being interrogated, mainly due to the shirt he is wearing in the scene. Make sure you keep your eyes open for that. But for me, the weakness in Mr. and Mrs. Smith lies in the script. To quote the British, it is complete rubbish. Maybe not complete rubbish, but it is uninspiring and weak and it made Mr. and Mrs. Smith not the enjoyable movie experience that one would hope it to be. It just goes to show you, you can't always throw a couple of pretty faces up on the big screen and expect everyone to be entertained.

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