The Man

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The Man
Review (2/10)
(By Brendan Cullin)

In The Man, Samuel L. Jackson stars as Special Agent Derrick Vann, a man on a mission to find the crooks who killed his partner. It's not so much that Vann is grieving the loss of his partner, because the partner was a dirty cop. It's the fact that because his partner was dirty, Vann is also under suspicion. And the gun that was used to kill his partner was a stolen gun. Vann sets up a meeting to buy some of the guns that were lifted from police storage but a mix-up results in the buyer thinking a dental supplies salesman is actually a Turkish arms dealer. That salesman is Andy Fidler (Eugene Levy), a stumbling, bumbling character who talks too much and helps too little. Vann is forced to force Andy to be his new partner as they set out to get the stolen guns off the streets and clear Vann's debauched name.

In The Man, Sam Jackson plays the "Hollywood" cop - you know, the angry, swearing cop who has family problems and uses excessive force when dealing with criminals and people in general. He breaks laws, he is under investigation and he does all that shit that you really hope police don't actually do. Eugene Levy is pretty much the dad from American Pie except in this movie he is a salesman. Jackson and Levy are supposed to team up in what is apparently one of those cop/innocent civilian movies that is supposed to make us laugh. The only problem? This movie is funny once. Just once the entire movie. The story seems like it was borrowed from about 20 other movies we have seen over the years and edited here and there to fit in Jackson and Levy's characters. This movie is so desperate, it resorts to fart jokes. That's right folks, Sam Jackson doing fart jokes. How they ever convinced Sam Jackson to smell Eugene Levy's farts is beyond me. The thin air in Canada must have gotten to Jackson (the movie was filmed in Toronto). Something must have gotten to Jackson because if you actually decide to see this movie, you will notice in some scenes one of his eyes was really red. And then in the next scene it was okay. Then it was red again. That's how I managed to entertain myself during The Man.

All I have to say about The Man is be warned. Be warned because it is not a good movie and if you still feel like seeing it, be warned that it will not be in the theatres within two weeks of its release date. So if you really want to see it, you had better see it opening weekend. Otherwise, wait for the DVD release in about three weeks or to watch it on TBS in about six weeks. But to tell you the truth, if I had a choice of watching The Man again or smelling a Eugene Levy fart, I would definitely choose the fart. Yep, it's that bad.

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