The Perfect Score

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The Perfect Score
Review (2/10)
(By Brendan Cullin)

The Perfect Score is not a perfect movie. It is far from perfect. The story revolves around six high school students who desperately need higher scores on the SAT so they plan a scheme to steal the answers to meet their goal. Of course each student has their own history - one is a stoner who lost his mother, one is a basketball player on his way to stardom, one wants to go to Cornell to become an architect, one has demanding parents, one has an indifferent father who beds younger women and one has a girlfriend who is banging some other guy, or so we are led to assume. The movie stars the likes of Erika Christensen, Chris Evans, Leonardo Nam, Bryan Greenberg, NBA player Darius Miles (who ironically skipped college and went straight from high school to the NBA in real life) and fresh off her critically acclaimed roles in Lost in Translation and Girl With A Pearl Earring, Scarlett Johansson. You have to wonder about the logic behind her decision to star in this stinker. Matthew Lillard also makes a "cameo" appearance as the dim-witted brother of one of the culprits. He plays the part to a tee.

The Perfect Score spends a little time showing the students writing their first SAT (they wanted to steal the answers for the SECOND time they wrote it - how smart is that?), spends quite a bit of time introducing each student, shows the students planning their racket and then shows them hatching the plan. The only thing we are left to wonder is if the six criminals will get caught or if they will realize the moral dilemma of their actions. It is up to you to sit through the movie to see what happens. I had to do that.

In the end, The Perfect Score might generate a few laughs. I noticed a few people in the audience laughed at the sex-crazed stoner, Roy (Leonardo Nam). But other than a few cheap laughs, there is not a whole lot happening here. The characters in this movie are nothing of an inspiration for teenagers, adults or even very young children. The story is absurd. Even the music in the movie is painful on the ears. The Perfect Score is nothing more than an imperfect waste of time. The only recommendation I can make that will give me peace of mind is to avoid this movie at all costs. It is that bad.

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