Good Luck Chuck

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Good Luck Chuck
Review (2/10)
(By Brendan Cullin)

Good Luck Chuck is one of those supposed comedies where I (and hopefully others) left the theatre shaking my head wondering who the hell could possibly think this movie is funny. Dane Cook stars as a dentist who had a spell cast upon him when he was a young boy. Chuck soon realizes that because of this hex, whenever he sleeps with a woman, her next boyfriend will end up being her husband. After an article about Chuck and his hex is published in a local newspaper, he soon has a lineup of some of the most beautiful single women in America at his door ready to drop their pants for him. Of course Chuck takes advantage of the situation, as we see from a collage that includes a tonne of naked women and way too much of Dane Cook's hairless ass. Eventually Charlie ends up finding a woman for whom he actually has feelings but he has to fight the urge to have sex with her for fear of losing her to the next guy she dates.

I remember hearing about Dane Cook a while back and reading about his ground-breaking appearance on Saturday Night Live and when I finally got around to watching it online, I thought, "Is that it?". I just didn't find the guy to be one bit funny. I guess to each their own. But now with the release of Good Luck Chuck, I'm certain that I will never find this guy or anything he does to be funny. I'll admit, there were a few moment in the movie where I chuckled and I think one instance where I laughed out loud, but overall, Good Luck Chuck is one of the crudest, rudest, adolescent movies I've ever seen in my life. I mean, who writes this shit? How many times can you go back to the guy-fucking-the-grapefruit joke? Is the penguin eating its own shit supposed to make people laugh or puke? Is oral sex on a stuffed toy funny? Or how about Chuck's fat ass best friend? The guy should have been shot in the first five minutes of the movie.

I guess for me, Good Luck Chuck rubbed me the wrong way right from the very beginning. I waited and waited to laugh and I'd have to guess the movie hit the one hour mark before I even cracked a smile. I suppose this movie might be good for fans of Dane Cook. I suppose people who want to see foul, obnoxious and raunchy humour will enjoy it. And I suppose people who want to hear twenty-five different names for women's breasts might like Good Luck Chuck. Perhaps the only redeeming quality in this movie is the fact that there is tonnes of boobs in it. Hell, you even get a quick side shot of Jessica Alba's boob, which I found quite surprising. I'm sure when the DVD comes out, if you go to that scene and pause it, you can get a real good look at the famous boob. Unfortunately, this movie is so bad I wouldn't even recommend wasting your time doing that. It's not worth it and that's saying a lot.

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