Transporter 2

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Transporter 2
Review (4/10)
(By Brendan Cullin)

Jason Statham returns as Frank Martin in Transporter 2 . This time around, the only thing Frank is transporting is the young boy of a rich Miami family. The Transporter is now just your everyday driver. That is until, for reasons I'm still not 100% sure, the boy gets kidnapped and injected with a deadly virus. Of course Frank is suspected of being the kidnapper so not only must he clear his own name, he must rescue the boy and find the antidote for the virus.

I remember after seeing the 2002 hit, The Transporter, and thinking that I really like more than half the movie but some of the action scenes in the last half hour or forty minutes were just too out there. Well, Transporter 2 takes the term "out there" and takes it to another level. There is nothing in this movie that is actually there. Everything is out there. The action is over the top. The characters are over the top. The fights are over the top. It is just plain ridiculousness.

There are villains who run around in lingerie the entire movies (which isn't necessarily a bad thing). A character who actually dodges bullets. A man detained by the police who is able to sneak around the police station downloading information on their computers. A car that manages to drive through brick walls and yet have nary a scratch. Fights with one without a gun vs. ten with guns and the one wins. And don't let me even begin to explain how Frank manages to dislodge a bomb that is on the bottom of the car. Or the special effects in the movie. They felt like they were made with the budget of a college beer party.

It is all just so ridiculous. This movie borders on being somewhere between a comedy, a comic book movie and I suppose an action flick. I'm not too sure what it was trying to be.

I expect a movie like this will have a crowd that it pleases. I, for one, just found the movie to be too ludicrous. I know most action movies will have a certain element of wackiness. But in a movie like Transporter 2, that wackiness is taken to a whole other level. This movie is teetering on XXX territory and that's not a good thing.

With all that being said, I still like Jason Statham as an action hero and as an actor. Perhaps he is the one redeeming factor in this movie. I am even sure that if there is a Transporter 3 (which really would not surprise me), I would go see it, despite this colossal disaster. But as I said earlier, a movie like this will have its loyal fan base. Hell, I even found a lot of the action to be quite good (but still outrageous). I just suppose the shitty story, the bad special effects and the continuous absurdity just got to me after a while. My one warning to people who go see this movie - don't "check your brain at the door" as I have heard so many people say to do about Transporter 2. Take your brain right out of your head and leave it at home before you go see this movie. Then maybe, just maybe will you be able to appreciate it.

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