After the Sunset

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After the Sunset
Review (5/10)
(By Brendan Cullin)

After the Sunset stars Pierce Brosnan and Salma Hayek as Max and Lola, a nortorious but sexy couple who are experts at pulling off unthinkable jewelry heists. They have seemingly retired from their life of crime and landed on an island in the Bahamas where a massive cruise ship contains some invaluable diamonds that are being displayed but under intense security. Max has been offered a chance to lift one of these said diamonds by a local thug (Don Cheadle) but he must also do so under the watchful eye of Stan Lloyd (Woody Harrelson), an FBI agent who sees Max as his number one arch nemesis.

This is the very basic plot outline for After the Sunset, the latest film directed by Brett Ratner. After the Sunset is a moderately entertaining movie. It has some intelligent moments. Funny moments. A twist ending that I have to admit came somewhere out of left field where I didn't see it coming from a country mile. And most importantly, it has a very sexy and very often half-dressed Salma Hayek, who had my full attention every time her big-bosomed body graced the screen.

But in the end, After the Sunset lacked the intensity of most high-end heist movies. It just really didn't have "it" going on and whatever the hell that "it" is, it separates this movie from a must-see movie and a Friday night rental. That is all I really see After the Sunset as - a rental. Sure it has the twist ending, the laughs and the sexy woman, but it just lacked overall originality for most of the movie and it was hampered by acting that could be classified as average, at best. Brosnan, Hayek and Harrelson - none of them really stood out. And Don Cheadle? Usually a scene-stealer, his character was a total waste of screen time to the Nth degree. But you can't blame that totally on the actors and actresses. They seemed to be hampered by a script that was seemingly written after a heavy night of drinking. At least that's the impression I got from this one.

After the Sunset is nothing more than your average heist movie with perhaps a handful of extra laughs, an extraordinarily hot chick and a lead character who needs a shave in a big way. My advice? Wait for video for this movie. At least that way if you are terribly bored, you can stop the movie and find something more interesting to do. Like perhaps watching paint dry.

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